JOIN: Corporate Member

In addition to an individual membership, OESP also offers a Corporate Membership.  Selecting what is best for you and your company can sometimes be challenging. 

The CORPORATE level of membership is a perfect choice for companies that:

  • Have multiple people who want to be involved with OESP – wholesalers, rep agencies, manufacturers and even service companies. (we can add additional employees to a membership at a modest cost)
  • Are located outside of the Northeast but want to be connected with OESP
  • Realize that for a few dollars more,  a couple of individual memberships can be rolled into a Corporate Membership

The Cost of a Corporate Membership is $750.00 and that allows 5 people to fall under this membership class.  You can add more for an additional $100.00 for each individual.  To gain the most from any membership, it is highly encouraged that your personnel join a local chapter and network with members.   Let them know who you are, what you sell and how you might offer training for the membership.  For a listing of all chapters, visit the chapter page.

Still have more questions?

Contact OESP Association Headquarters at 888-552-0900 or email

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